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chainBB v0.2 - posting system revamp (with reward beneficiaries!!)

The most common bug reported lately has involved strange error messages and losing posts - which is probably one of the most frustrating situations that a user can encounter. This week my primary focus was on alleviating this issue and at least reducing some of the pain points around this issue, and rebuilding the posting system to support some brand new features (hurray reward beneficiaries!).

Today marks the release of chainBB v0.2, which will be a series of updates focusing on refining the user experience and tidying up the code. Before we dive into that though, for those of you who are new...


chainBB beta update - new forums + claiming rewards + post previews

The last week has been a busy one, but I've been listening to feedback and have a few of the most requested features live on chainBB.

As always, the beta is available here:


chainBB beta update - sub-forums

One of the struggles that I've had with chainBB recently is where to put all the forums that are being requested by the community. Up until today, I was conflicted between the notion of "adding new forums for users" and "trying to keep the forum index uncluttered". Some sort of solution was required, and after some chatting with a number of individuals, bringing over the concept of a sub-forum seemed like the best approach.

Today sub-forums are now live!


Working on a chainBB FAQ - do you have questions you think should be included?

Right now I'm working on a new homepage for chainBB and one of the sections I'm planning on building is an FAQ. Listed below is the questions I've come up with so far (without answers), and am writing this post as a way for others to get their questions included. I sifted through all of the chainBB posts so far to come up with this initial list.

The new chainBB homepage itself is going to be a page to learn what chainBB is and what it can do. It's focus is going to be towards people who might not even know what Steem is. The target demographic is people who use and run forums, and the end goal will be to convince all these forum owners that they should be running chainBB and participating on the steem blockchain! ;)


chainBB beta update - account pages, editing, notifications and sticky posts

Over the last couple weeks I've been engaging heavily in discussion with those providing feedback about chainBB. I'm going to try to start bundling changes together and providing updates maybe once or twice a week. The rate of development may cause this to fluctuate, but things are progressing nicely!

The updates today are primarily foundational. They are elements that need to exist so I can build upon them and expand their functionality, as well as collect feedback.